Whiplash Data

What is it?

Whiplash Data is a Redshift database connection to the Whiplash application, tied to your account and updated nightly. Plug your Business Intelligence tool into the database and start making custom reports. Most information that's available in the Whiplash app or the v2 API is available in Whiplash Data. SQL proficiency is required.

When should I use it?

How often is my expedited carrier hitting their SLA?
What should I be charging for basic shipping to Europe?
When should I be making POs to minimize my storage costs without going out of stock?

Whiplash Data is great for building reports where pulling large amounts of data across an API is impractical. Because Whiplash Data is updated nightly at midnight PST (7am UTC) and read-only, it is a helpful addition to the API, but not a replacement.

When writing or realtime notifications are necessary, such as notifying Whiplash of orders to ship or keeping inventory systems up to date (e.g. Shopify, Magento, etc), the Whiplash v2 API + Webhooks remain the ideal choice.

Whiplash Data is currently in private beta. Contact your Whiplash representative for pricing and availability.

How can I unload this data?

Here's a guide from Amazon specific to S3 but applicable to a variety of data warehouse solutions.

Last updated Oct 24th, 2019