Whiplash Trial

If Whiplash looks like the service for you but you're hesitant to jump in with both feet, we can accommodate dipping a toe in to test the waters.

Poke around the app with a Trial Account

We can generate a Trial Account for you—an active Customer with orders, items, and all the functionality of Whiplash without integrating your store or shipping packages. To see how our tools work firsthand with a Trial Account, let us know

Test our fulfillment service with real inventory

Follow the steps on the Getting Started Overview.

We won't charge any storage fees until the end of the second calendar month.

If you're only sending us a few items, you may want to make sure your account's inventory inventory is set to never sync for the duration of this trial. That way, when we count in and ship your inventory, we won't be overwriting the stock you keep in your store. This preference is located in the "General" tab.

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Last updated Aug 1st, 2018