What are Whiplash Templates?

If it comes out of a printer, odds are good it was generated using a Whiplash Template. It's now possible to create unlimited Templates for different versions of things like Packing Slips, Email Confirmations, and Carton Contents Labels. Templates support HTML/CSS, EPL, and ZPL files. You can find them in the upper-right menu.

Create a copy of one of the defaults, and get to customizing.

Use cases

Currently, it's possible to create and edit Templates for Packing Slips and Email Confirmation Templates. Check out the announcement post for an example.


Templates and Rules are powerful, flexible logic engines—combining them can make your Whiplash account as flexible as the rest of your business. Rules to choose a Packing Slip or Email Confirmation template are currently admin-only; reach out if you'd like us to help set up something similar on your account.

What happened to my old Packing Slips and Email Confirmations?

We made the switch some a few weeks back to put your existing templates onto the new infrastructure; the files are still there, but they have a new home. The old pages in Preferences link you where you need to be.

What kinds of things can go in Templates?

For HTML templates, this doc is a good resource. If you're writing in ZPL, those variables will work.

Last updated Jun 2nd, 2020