Street Dates

Releasing Orders on a Specific Date

If you've got a new product that you don't want released to your customers until a certain day, Street Dates are your answer.

By assigning a street date on an item, orders for that item will be held until there is no risk of orders arriving before the date you've specified. Our default is to allow 1 day in transit for all orders, here's an example:

You assign a Street Date of Friday, June 21st for an item.
Orders containing that item would begin shipping on Thursday, June 20th to arrive on or after the 21st.

Orders are held until all items can ship, so if an order contains both available and unavailable items, the order will be held until all items are available.

You can assign the Street Date for an item on the item's page under the Details tab.

Last updated Nov 14th, 2017