Shipping Methods

Default behavior

Whiplash attempts to use the selection made in your shopping cart to choose a shipping method for an order. e.g. An order is received with UPS Ground chosen by the customer, Whiplash will receive it and ship it as such.

A couple exceptions to this general rule:

Shipping method preferences

Whiplash defaults to shipping via Whiplash Cheapest Rate when it can't match a chosen shipping method to an actual service. To change your default go to Account Preferences -> Ship Methods and map Default to a particular method.

There, you can also map any shipping method from your shopping cart to a method in Whiplash. For example, when your customers select "Free Shipping" it could map to Whiplash Cheapest Rate, but when they select "$25 Flat Rate Overnight" it could map to FedEx Overnight.

What is Whiplash Cheapest rate anyway?

Whiplash’s cheapest rate algorithms ensure the most cost-friendly shipping rate for your orders - in plain English, the least expensive postage option. It is important to note that least expensive option usually means an economy service. These services (especially outside of the US) are generally slower and have limited/no tracking visibility or delivery confirmation.

Our Shipping Methods

You can check out our shipping option chart to estimate your time in transit, insurance coverage, tracking and delivery confirmation availability.

We'll ship anywhere mail is delivered. Here are some considerations for international shipping.

Transit times are estimated on non-guaranteed delivery options. Transit times do not account for any possible delays in shipping due to weather or for  customs processing times on International orders. Please contact your carrier of choice directly for more information. 

Important notes:

We cannot guarantee the availability of any ship method at the time of shipment. If the ship method you have chosen is not available at the time an order is shipped, by default, we will ship Whiplash Cheapest Rate using a non-blacklisted service.

Blacklisted shippng methods can still be selected manually.

UPS Surepost and FedEx SmartPost are first-mile provider services and do not include insurance after handoff. We cannot assist with loss or damage on these ship methods under any circumstance, as they are not claimable. They also do not offer signature services. Transit time is 5-7 business days on average for both services.

Asendia, First Class Mail, Media Mail, Parcel Mail, SmartPost, Surepost and UPS Innovations are not changable or interceptable after an order has shipped.

Asendia tracking should update within five to seven business days of shipment, on average. Due to this being a first-mile provider service, days in transit are not guaranteed and the lack of initial tracking can be worrisome to some customers.  Please keep this in mind when choosing this method.   End tracking is not always available.

UPS Innovations does not have any tracking outside of the US. Tracking will stop at the international hub.

United States Origin Shipping Methods
Canada Origin Shipping Methods

United Kingdom Origin Shipping Methods

Royal Mail Zone Sort shipping methods do not have tracking or insurance, and have long transit times. These methods are not ideal for packages with high value or that require tracking, or a faster delivery time.

Last updated Jan 6th, 2020