Shipping Insurance

We offer shipping insurance through our label provider EasyPost:

Cost:  1% of shipment value
Limit: $5000/order

Insuring a shipment

Shipping insurance can be added by creating rules, using a bulk action, or adding insurance per-order on an order's Details page.


A rule which adds insurance to any order going to California over $300 in value
A rule which adds insurance to any order containing items with SKUs that begin with "GOLD-"
Creating a search for unshipped orders created in the last 30 days shipping from Ann Arbor, and using a Bulk Action to insure

Making a claim

Once you received news from your customer that their package was damaged or lost in transit, you would then fill out the EasyPost claim form and gather the appropriate supporting documents (see below). From there, you'll send the claim to for review—if no additional supporting documents are needed, the claim will generally be processed within 1-2 business days. Before issuing a reimbursement check, we will reach out to confirm the check details and shipping address; once confirmed, the check will be issued and will hit the mail stream shortly.  The process is generally simple and quick, with a 1 week turnaround time starting on the day that you initiate your claim and when a check is issued.

All claims regarding damage need to be submitted to EasyPost within 30 days of shipping label creation. All claims regarding loss are to be submitted to EasyPost 30 days past shipping label creation, but no later than 60 days past shipping label creation. A claim is filed once we receive the following supporting documents:
Please note that you will need to give EasyPost your shipping address so that claims checks are not mailed back to the shipping facility.

Full details on shipping insurance and conditions from Easypost can be seen here.

How is Value calculated?

This is the Order Value according to what was paid in your ecommerce platform, and adds up the Item values as a fallback. It's possible to override at the Order level:

Last updated Sep 14th, 2020