Shipped Externally

Orders that are shipped outside of Whiplash can have a status of Shipped Externally.

The primary purpose of Shipped Externally is having Whiplash handle returns for orders that were shipped outside of the Whiplash platform, such as an off-network warehouse, your own office, or your vendor.

Creating orders with a status of Shipped Externally

If you are not using an API connection, you will want to create this 'order' manually in Whiplash.

  1. In Whiplash navigate to Orders > Create New
  2. Create an order that includes the items you need to be returned. Use the senders name and contact information as it was entered in the original order for return. 
  3.  Select 'Shipped Externally' 
  4. Create the return in the method you prefer

Q & A

Q: Can I use this to split orders if I only want Whiplash fulfilling part of my inventory, and want to fulfill some items myself?
A: Whiplash can only auto-split orders on their items' Available and In-Stock status. While it may be possible to use these as proxies for which items Whiplash is fulfilling, it's not recommended.

Last updated Feb 28th, 2018