Prohibited Items

To remain in accordance with local regulations and to protect our workers, there are certain items that we will not work with or are under some limitations. These are listed below.

If you have a question about whether a particular item on your product roster is acceptable, contact us.

Restricted items

Adult items and toys
Smoking and vaping paraphernalia
In general, we can ship these, but only from some facilities. Contact Sales for more info.

****CBD items of any potency are strictly prohibited from shipping internationally.****

Food, cosmetics, and medications
We can ship non-prescription, non-perishable supplements, cosmetics, medications, and food that are labeled in English or according to FDA standards.

Perfume containing alcohol may not be shipped internationally or mailed domestically using air transportation. Perfume containing alcohol, however, may be shipped within the United States by ground transportation.

Prohibited items we cannot store or ship



Explosives / Weapons



Last updated Nov 4th, 2020