Preventing Overselling During Sales

If you have items that are selling through very quickly, like in the case of flash/holiday sales, the inventory syncing between Whiplash and your store can get delayed causing overselling. 

After Whiplash imports an order, it will notify your shop of the new quantity. However, during that import period, your shop may have already accepted payment for new orders that we have not yet imported. So while our system may know the inventory for an item has reached 0, your shop might not get that update until after it's already oversold.

During flash sales, we recommend disabling inventory syncing on the items that are being sold in the sale. This can be done from the item's edit screen under the Rules tab. In the Sync Inventory dropdown, you'll want to change the setting to never:

You can wait to change that dropdown until after your items arrive at our warehouse. That way your shop has a starting number for the quantity. Disabling the syncing will allow your shop to be the one to control the inventory quantity. Since your shop is the one taking the order, it can more reliably prevent overselling. After the flash sale is over, you can enable syncing again for the item.

Store-wide Flash Sales

If a large part of your catalog is on sale, you can also temporarily disable the inventory sync in the Preferences -> General tab:

Last updated Dec 2nd, 2019