Pre-Order vs Insufficient Inventory

Process Orders

If an item is set to “Process Orders,” orders containing the item will ship. If an item has Process Orders turned OFF, orders containing the item will fall to “Pre-Order” status. We would be unable to batch or ship the order until Process Orders has been turned ON, on the item itself. Below is an example of what your item(s) would show in app: You can find this in your item(s) details by clicking on the item and then “Orders” tab of the item itself.


Account Level Processing Settings

You can indicate how you would like to manage Processing of your inventory through the settings below:

If the first option is selected: "Whiplash won't manage Process Orders" an Items "Process Orders" setting will never be turned ON or OFF by our facility.  Your team would need to manually manage this setting on each item.

If the second option is selected: "Whiplash will automatically turn ON Process Orders when an item is received, and turn it OFF when an item sells out." the following behaviors are activated:
  1. When an item goes out of stock, we turn "Process orders" OFF.
  2. When an out-of-stock item is received, we turn"Process orders" ON.

If the third option is selected: "Whiplash will automatically turn ON Process Orders only the first time an item is received" an items "Process Orders" setting is only turned ON the first time an Item is received and is not updated by our facility after that.

If Whiplash is managing your "Process Orders" settings, here are a couple of things to know:
- Your items are turned ON as they are received—not once the Ship Notice has been completed.
- The "Process Orders" setting will automatically be turned OFF, by a behind the scenes task that runs hourly.

Order Status and behavior

An order designated as Insufficient Inventory has one or more items that are out of stock or that cannot be fulfilled in a single warehouse.

An order designated as Pre-Order* has one or more items with "Process Orders" turned OFF:
The Pre-Order status is not contingent upon an item's stock level.
If you've turned Process Orders OFF for an item, it will not be shipped until process orders in turned back ON.

As such, Pre-Order takes priority over Insufficient Inventory. If an order has an item that is out of stock and one that is not set to Process Orders, the order will be designated as a Pre-Order first.
Once Process Orders is turned back on for that item, the order will automatically move into Insufficient Inventory if you are out of stock on the item.

There are a couple common cases in which you may want to turn Process Orders OFF:

Last updated Aug 11th, 2020