Pre-Order vs Insufficient Inventory

Process Orders

If an item is set to "Process Orders," orders containing the item will ship. If not, orders containing the item will be in "Pre-Order" status. We won't batch or ship them until Process Orders is turned on.


The checkbox below can be found in the Inventory section of the General tab of Preferences. It Whiplash to manage the Process orders setting for you.

Status behavior

An order designated as Insufficient Inventory has one or more items that are out of stock or that cannot be fulfilled in a single warehouse.

An order designated as Pre-Order* has one or more items with "Process Orders" turned off:
Pre-Order is not contingent upon an item's stock level. If you've turned off Process Orders for an item, it will not be shipped.

As such, Pre-Order takes priority over Insufficient Inventory. If an order has an item that's out of stock and one that's not set to Process Orders, the order will be designated as a Pre-Order.
If Process Orders is turned back on for that item, the order will automatically move into Insufficient Inventory.

There are a couple common cases when you may want to turn off Process Orders:
New items default to Process Orders turned off. We automatically turn it on when we receive stock.

* The term "Pre-Order" occurs when Process Orders is turned off for an item that is no longer in stock. If we're still receiving orders for this item, we assume we will, at some point, receive stock, thus the order is a "Pre-Order". If Process Orders is left on, the order will be designated Insufficient Inventory.

Last updated May 29th, 2020