Packaging choices

With Whiplash, the way your inventory ships is entirely under your control. You can choose to supply your own packaging, but most of our customers use standard boxes and mailers, specifying how we pack their items.

We use unbranded, blank kraft boxes and will be invisible to your customers unless you brag about us.

Standard packaging

Default behavior
If you do nothing, we'll look at your inventory when it arrives and make an assessment. We'll use our experience and judgment to order the proper shipping materials, and ensure your products are properly cushioned.

Upgraded standard packaging
Let us know if a specific package from the ULine catalog would be perfect for your products, and we'll talk about keeping it in stock along with making sure it is suggested for qualifying orders—for example, "any order containing these 3 SKUs of plush slippers should go in a gold bubble mailer."

Don't stress about your LPs arriving with dented corners—we've got it covered.

Custom packaging

For branding purposes, some customers prefer to use custom packaging. This can also save dramatically on shipping costs—packaging that snugly fits a product will ensure you're paying the cheapest possible postage.

While we don't produce packaging ourselves, we're happy to work with you to come up with a packaging strategy and connect you to partners. We use ARKA ourselves for many of our non-branded packaging needs. Our customers have had a lot of success with them for branded items. is a sales contact we are familiar with. Another good source to check out is

Are there any charges for this service?
There are no extra fees for using custom packaging. Custom packaging is, however, subject to appropriate storage fees.

What if there are constituent parts of a packing box—or multiple steps? e.g. tissue paper, etc? 
Packing materials—things like a custom box, tissue, or bubble wrap—are free of charge to include.
Additional items like stickers, stamps, and miscellaneous inserts are charged as promo items at $0.25 per item.

Is stock accounted for these items?
Yes—Ship Notices are created for custom packaging, and it is treated like a standard item, however it is not tracked in app per usage as these items can vary and these items are not barcoded. 

Does custom packaging need to be barcoded?
No. If it doesn't have a scancode we'll assign one so we can keep track of which packaging we're using to ship your orders.

Do you do gift wrapping?
Currently, no.

Setting up custom packaging in the app
Create a packaging item, then under the "Details" tab, click the "This is packaging" checkbox. Let us know and we'll create an Order Rule, adding the packaging you specify to qualifying orders. e.g. customers ordering a Limited Edition Box Set get a fancy custom box.

Packaging and postage

When we purchase a shipping label, we report the dimensions of the package as follows:

Last updated Aug 13th, 2020