Getting Started With Whiplash

Here’s what to expect after you get an account via our sales team:

1. Connect your Shop
When you connect your shop to Whiplash, we will automatically pull all of your item details in for you. You can also upload a CSV of inventory if you need to work manually.

2. Create a Ship Notice
A Ship Notice is a simple document with SKU and Quantity columns, used by facility personnel to do receiving. Read more about the process here.

3. Send us inventory
When you create a Ship Notice you will receive a ship-to address. Most facilities require a delivery appointment—reach out to if you don't already have the right contact info or need an estimate on receiving time.

4. Set preferences, and go!
The onboarding process is guided by your Sales contact, but before inventory arrives you have enough time to check Rules, get a payment method set up, and work through any open questions.

Transferring from an existing warehouse

We have some tools and options for managing this transition cleanly, and make every effort to minimize shipping downtime. Learn about that here.

Last updated Mar 27th, 2020