Order Rules

Order rules perform actions on an order based on search filters. 

There are two types of searches:
  1. Packing Rules
  2. Routing Rules

Packing Rules

Packing rules fire during the packing phase of an order. These appear as recommendations and can be dismissed by warehouse operators.
If While Supplies Last is enabled, they will not be suggested unless there is sufficient stock.

Routing Rules

These are executed when the order is placed, or when items are added to or removed from an order
They will only fire successfully once. For instance, an order with a Rule to Cancel when the Shipping Country is CA will cancel qualifying orders immediately. Subsequently un-cancelling will not affect the Rule. Similarly, an order that is placed with a Shipping Country of US will not Cancel if the country is later manually changed to CA.


Viewing Rules

Click on the Rules link in the customer menu

rules-link.png 28.37 KB
Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 5.02.04 PM.png 148.57 KB

Creating a Rule

In this example, we're searching for all orders placed from the 17th to the 19th. We want these early birds to get a bonus product added to the order.

create-packing-rule.gif 855.43 KB
Rule Priority

Routing Rules fire upon order creation and will supercede any preceding order characteristic that it may be in conflict with., e.g. a ship method is mapped, but a rule fires, calling another method. The rule-based Ship Method will take precedence.

Packaging Rules will simply make a suggestion at the packing stage.

Last updated Aug 28th, 2019