Shipping From Multiple Warehouses

If you've got stock in multiple warehouses, Whiplash will attempt to determine the best location to ship from.

How geographic routing works

  1. We'll try to find a warehouse in the same country. If it's in the US, we'll determine the closest warehouse by ZIP code.
  2. If we can't find a country match, we'll attempt to stay on the same continent (so US orders ship to Canada and Mexico, GB orders ship to the EU). In very rare instances this might not be the closest, but will almost certainly be the fastest and cheapest.
  3. If we can't find a continent match, we'll simply select the warehouse that is closest geographically to the destination.

Maintaining inventory levels

You'll be responsible for resupplying our facilities as you see fit. By default we'll ship from:
  1. The closest facility, if it has all the items in stock
  2. The next closest facility with all the items in stock
  3. Multiple facilities, splitting the order based on where the items are available
  4. If we can't fulfill all the order's items, we'll pause the order until you resupply—unless you have rules set up to split orders based on item availability.

Last updated Jan 5th, 2018