Low Inventory Notifications

There are two type of low inventory notifications:

1. Item: low inventory
2. Item: out-of-stock

The out-of-stock notifications are sent when inventory for an item in Whiplash goes to zero. There isn't any configuration that needs to be done for this one besides subscribing to the notification in the Notifications page.

The low inventory notifications are sent daily containing a list of each item that has fallen below the threshold. It will look like this:
Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.26.27 PM.png 105.07 KB

In addition to subscribing to the low inventory notification, a low inventory threshold needs to be specified. The threshold can be set at the account level and also per item. If a threshold is set for the account and also for a given item, the item's threshold will take precedence.

With two threshold levels, you are able to specify unique threshold values for each of your items separate from your account-level threshold. This can be helpful for items that require longer lead times from your factory, for example.

To set a low inventory threshold at the account level, visit your Preferences page:

customer-threshold.gif 2.94 MB

To set the low inventory threshold for an item, it can be accessed via the item's Details page:

item-threshold.gif 3.67 MB

Last updated Feb 28th, 2018