Transferring inventory

There are two ways to smoothly transition from your current fulfillment situation to Whiplash—by transferring your inventory in stages (Partial) or by transferring all of your inventory at once (Full). No matter what, the first step is importing your items—usually done automatically through an e-commerce integration.

Partial inventory transfer strategies

  1. Keep shipping with your current fulfillment solution.
  2. Send us about half of your inventory, or enough to last about 2–3 weeks.
  3. Send us the other half of your inventory.
  4. We place a temporary hold on your account so nothing is shipped while we count in your products.
  5. You send a portion of your inventory (across all SKUs) to the Whiplash facility.
  6. We take 2–3 days to count in the inventory and get it ready to ship.
  7. Your prior fulfillment solution stops shipping for you at a pre-determined cutoff date.
  8. We remove your account hold and start shipping.
  9. Your prior warehouse sends us the rest of your inventory.

Option B. Whiplash + another fulfillment solution—geographic routing layer
  1. Orders can be routed to appropriate fulfillment centers with our integrated platforms Stitch Labs or Skubana.
  2. We set up Whiplash to only fulfill orders based on the proper geographic location.
  3. You set up your other fulfillment solution to only fulfill orders in other locations.
  4. We take 2–3 days to count in your inventory and start shipping orders with it as it becomes available.

Full inventory transfer strategy

  1. Stop fulfilling orders entirely.
  2. You may wish to stop taking orders, or alert customers as they make purchases that orders will take additional time to arrive.
  3. Send all your inventory to Whiplash.
  4. We take 2–3 days to count in your inventory and start shipping orders with it as it becomes available.
  5. This method is simple but risky—if there are delays due to a freight shipment, poor inventory preparation, or any other mitigating factors out of your control, your customers will be stuck waiting.

Considerations & potential pitfalls

Last updated May 14th, 2020