Customer Provided Carrier Accounts/Labels

There are 3 ways to add this to your orders your own account or a 3rd party account to ship your orders:

  1. If you would like to have all your orders ship using your FedEx or UPS account, you can do this at the Account Level. 
  2. If you would like to add your account specifically to an individual order you can do so during manual order creation or in the 'Edit Address' field of an existing order. 
  3. Uploading labels directly into the order. 

If you are wanting to ship DDP or DAP internationally, you can do so using your 3rd party account. For more information about intercoms, you can add them directly at the order level. 

Account Level

Whiplash customers can opt to ship using their own shipping accounts.  (Currently limited to UPS and FedEx accounts)

1. Navigate to Account Preferences > General 

2. Reach out to Whiplash Client Services to blacklist other methods

Order Level - Account #

If you have access to a shipping account ID, here's how to ship an order using your third-party shipping account: (Currently limited to UPS and FedEx accounts)

1. Make sure the order is Paused or Processing.

2. Navigate to the Order Details page

3. In the Edit Address page, fill in Account # field.  Update the Order.

**Known Limitations: when using your own account, you will not have access to any rate shopping capabilities of the Whiplash App.

Order Level - Label  Upload

Alternatively, if you have access to a shipping label, here's how to add it to an order:

1. Make sure the order is Paused or Processing.

2. Update the shipping method to “customer provided label"
3. Upload the label
4. Schedule a carrier pickup, unless the facility already has a daily pickup for your carrier.

Setting Incoterms with Whiplash

If you are using your own shipping carrier account for FedEx or UPS, you may set duty in an order's shipment options (or via a Rule).

DDP and DAP are not available when shipping on a Whiplash owned shipping account.

One caveat: this account number will be used for all outgoing shipments for that carrier, domestic and international; there is currently no way to specify that an account is only used for international orders. If you're sending orders via the API, the account number can be specified per order.

Last updated Jan 3rd, 2020