Adding Gift Messages

You can add a Gift Message to your recipient on the orders packing slip. 

Manually Adding Gift Messages:

Navigate to the order, and click on "Edit Address"

Once in the Edit Address page, you will have the option to type in a custom message to your customer in the "Note to Customer" box.

Once you've added your custom message, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Update"

Check your custom gift message of the order by adding /packingslip at the end of your order URL. You should see your custom message shown:

Via the API:
  1. Set the `order.public_note` field to your intended message. This can be done on the Order Details page or via the API.
  2. Confirm that `order.notes` is displayed on your Packing Slip Template in your intended styling and placement.

Last updated Apr 13th, 2020