Getting Started With Whiplash

Here’s what to expect:

1. Get an account

Reach out to Sales to get access to your Whiplash account, and set up your payment method.

2. Connecting Your Store / Importing Your Items

When you connect your web-store to Whiplash we will automatically pull all of your item details in for you. You can also upload a CSV of your product roster using the template there.

3. Creating a Ship Notice

A Ship Notice is a simple document that you create whenever you are shipping us product, to give us a heads-up and give us numbers to receive against. Detailed instructions on sending inventory are here.

4. Shipping Us Your Products

When you create a Ship Notice you will receive a ship-to address. Items need to get to a Whiplash facility with customs cleared and duties paid. Receiving takes 2–3 business days on average, depending on size, complexity, and advance notice.

For an estimate for large ship notice receiving times, please inquire via

Transferring from an existing warehouse

We have some tools and options for managing this transition cleanly, and make every effort to minimize shipping downtime. Learn about that here.

Last updated Jan 13th, 2020